The Lost Weekend movie

The Lost Weekend movie released in January 1946, and is a realistic movie about the horrors of alcoholism.

Cast and Crew

The movie, the Lost Weekend was directed by Billy Wilder, with the screenplay written by Charles Brackett along with Wilder. The movie was based on the book of the same name by Charles Jackson. The popular actor Ray Milland played the role of Don Birnam convincingly. The actress Jane Wyman enacted the role of Don's girlfriend Helen, while Philip Terry enacted Don's brother Wick. The movie is remembered for a very realistic depiction of an alcoholics life, and Ray Milland spent some time in the alcoholic ward to prepare for his performance, especially his delirium, how the body is affected.

About movie

The movie was released is considered to be a well timed movie, because many of service men who returned home after the Second World war ended, became addicted to alcohol to overcome the horrors of the war. The movie received good reviews from movie critics after it was released. It was also a box office success. More than seventy years after it was released the movie continues to be relevant, especially for those who suffer from alcoholism or have a family member suffering from it.